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About Benson Chow Division

With a self-driven and positive mindset, Benson Chow achieved $1 million in commission team sales in just 4 short years, allowing him to be promoted to Division Director. Formerly working with the RSAF, Benson is no stranger to responsibility, as his role, then, was to ensure that fighter jets took off and landed safely. He brings with him these essential qualities into the real estate industry, and believes in giving his best to both his peers and clients when advising them on property matters. Benson has been a consistent performer with impressive accolades since he joined the industry in 2007. This includes achieving ‘Top 10 Division Director’ awards several times. By being a trainer in the Sales System Training Course, Benson has also shown great leadership in recruiting and grooming aggressive, young agents, preparing them for their road to success. 


  • 2007 TOP Producer 2nd - Jun

  • 2007 TOP Quarterly Achievers Bronze

  • 2007 TOP Producer 2nd - Sep

  • 2009 Million Dollar Club 

  • 2009 TOP 200 Achievers 

  • 2010 TOP 5 Managers - Sep 

  • 2011 TOP 300 Achievers 

  • 2011 Elite Award Winner 

  • 2014 TOP 100 Achievers - 3rd Quarter 

  • 2015 TOP Division Director #1 - Jul 

  • 2015 TOP 10 Division Director #2 - Sep 

  • 2015 TOP 10 Division Director #2 - Oct 

  • 2015 TOP 10 Division Director #6 - Nov 

  • 2016 TOP 10 Division Director #10 - Apr 

  • 2016 TOP 10 Division Director #8 - Nov 

  • 2017 TOP 100 Achievers #65 - Jun 

  • 2017 TOP 50 Achievers #22 - Aug 

  • 2017 Honors Award Winner #21 - Aug 

  • 2017 Platinum Achiever #28 - Aug

  • 2017 TOP 50 Achievers #12 - Sep 

  • 2017 Honors Awards Winner #12 - Sep

  • 2017 Platinum Achievers #20 - Sep

  • 2018 TOP Achievers #345 - 1st Quarter 

  • 2018 TOP Achievers #100 - 2nd Quarter

  • 2018 TOP Group Division Director #8 - Sep

  • 2018 TOP Achievers #271 - 3rd Quarter

  • 2018 TOP Achievers #207 - Annual 2018

  • 2019 TOP Achievers #213 - 2nd Quarter

  • 2019 TOP New Project Award - 3rd Quarter

Now with PropNex, Benson still aims to provide top notch service to all his clients. He has helped many of them achieve financial freedom by owning multiple properties as investments. 

Benson believes that not every property in Singapore is profitable, so he makes sure that he’s honest and straight forward with his advice on picking the right one. When it comes to investments, there’s always a specific window period for buying and selling, and he strives to ensure that his clients catch this window of opportunity.

Why real estate?

A forecasted 6.9 million population in Singapore by 2030 shows the immense potential growth of the real estate industry here. Benson’s 10-year experience in the industry, and forte in new launches and resale projects stands him in good stead when it comes to preparing the agents under his care. 


What you can expect from joining Benson’s team

Keen on a career path that gives you flexibility with your working hours since you manage your own clients and sales? Want to be able to achieve a limitless income, while being able to give your clients their dream home?

If you’re a disciplined, self-driven individual with a passion in real estate, you could be the person we’re looking for. By joining BensonChowDivision, you can be sure that “Our Focus is You”. You can look forward to 

  • Consistent and progressive knowledge upgrade – through effective training sessions under the Powerful Negotiators Group;


  • Division sharing sessions – brunch or hi-tea sessions that allow agents to share what they’ve done in the past month and to learn from one another;


  • Business plan setting – once or twice a year, to move in the correct direction;


  • Quarterly review sessions – to ensure that you’re on the right track


  • One-on one personal mentorship – for both new and experienced agents, till you’re qualified to be on your own.


So, if you’re ready for that breakthrough in your real estate career, and long to give your family the life they deserve, contact us now for a discussion here!

Let's Connect!

“I actually joined PropNex without knowing much about PropNex, but purely because my ex-colleague has switched over to PropNex PNG and I decided to give it a go. Since I've joined the team, I've achieved the TOP New Achiever award within my first month! I've also bagged a couple of TOP 100 within the PNG Group. As a leader, Benson is always forthcoming in his sharing and advice. His vast work experience in the Real Estate industry allows him to guide us and align us to stay ahead with existing market trends and conditions."

Vast Experience to Stay Ahead

– Jonathan Boh, new agent for 1.5 years

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