• Benson Chow

My personal friend, Marcus Tan is officially back in PropNex #BCD!

Today, 1st August 2019, #BCD welcomes Marcus Tan back home once again. He left last year in October 2018, when he was just a part time agent. After his departure, we still kept in close contact and even met up for coffee several times till today.

When he told me that he left his full time job, he also started sharing with me he feels really lost and that he has no direction to move ahead for his career. Personally, I've always treated him more as a personal friend for many years rather than just a colleague. For the next couple of months, we met up several more times and eventually, I had an idea to recruit him as an agent again! Therefore, I shared with him my customized plan for him as a full time agent.

After my sharing, he felt the sincerity and synergy with #BCD and myself. Not long after, he decided to rejoin our #BCD team, or I'd rather call it our family. #BCD welcomes him back with open arms. I definitely look forward to achieving more with him together.


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