• Benson Chow

Monthly #BCD Lunch - May

At my monthly division lunch today, I spoke to a few of our RES graduates. I was so glad to see these fresh faces that just joined our team. As usual, I like to go about sharing a few words with them, especially on how to go about starting up with the real estate business.

I also invited 2 external agents to our division lunch so they can sincerely feel that #BCD don’t just work individually, but we always work as a team and family.

One of the external agents used to be in my division but he shortly left due to his personal commitments. To this day, we are still good friends as we parted on good terms. We also had a chance for some sharing, and it turned out to be quite a heart-to-heart chat when we spoke about his current issues and identified why he is not doing well, and even feeling unhappy and stressed.

After listening to him and giving it some thought, I advised him to stop procrastinating. Do first and think later. I don’t wish to see his efforts as a full time agent being wasted because he is not productive enough to produce results. I told him, the day that you are ready to come back home, means that you’ve stopped your procrastination in everything else. Bring your focus towards work-related matters instead.

At the end of the lunch, we also celebrated one of our #BCD teammate’s birthday together. Let’s wish for his greater success in 2019.


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