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Specialized Training

Power Skills Sharing via Live Streaming in Virtual Office

In this crucial times where we’re all working from home, we are still as connected as ever via our Virtual Office. Take this time to learn and upgrade yourself with these 3 courses that we’ve prepared to up skill yourself as a Real Estate agent. Every morning, 3 times a week - every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we’ll be conducting a sharing session that will definitely transform how you approach your Real Estate strategy from soft skills, technical skills and various other techniques that will up your game! Let’s try to be there for each other and stay united online. 

1. Power Skills Upgrade (Every Tuesday, 10 AM - 12 PM)

In this course, you will be exposed to soft skill methods that will help you talk to your clients and strategise an angle that will help you understand your clients and how to help them with their real estate needs.

2. PA Apps: Hands On Made Easy (Every Thursday, 10 AM - 12 PM)

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks that curtails being a Real Estate agent. With the  PropNex PA Apps, we are making sure that you can keep track with all your ongoing projects as well as creating your savings plan! We are covering practical solutions for any type of problems you may face, definitely join our streaming with an open mind!

3. Power Closing Sharing Series (Every Friday, 10 AM - 12 PM)

To see results of your accumulated effort, of course it comes down to the final stage with your client - closing. Many of us have a hard time closing a client and may risk dragging the process longer than we should! Learn proven and tested closing techniques from our Real Estate veterans. Courses also include real life examples on how to apply these techniques in your everyday sales!

Using Right Methodology for Closing Post Launches

Thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone and learn REAL skills to ensure your path of success? Who said the successes of Real Estate can’t be ensured? You’ve just got to have the right skillset and mindset! Read on to hear all about a training program that has transformed the lives of hundreds of Real Estate agents from zero to hero! 

It is not often that Real Estate leaders are willing to share real experiences to nurture agents, but not Benson Chow! At his training “Using Right Methodology for Post Launches Closing”,   Benson shares his 12-year Real Estate trade secrets, soft skills, tips and tricks and strategies to not only garner leads, but also to close your deals!

"Following his success on the Treasure at Tampines project, Benson was awarded with the Project Sales Outstanding Award where his team closed more than 100 units since its launch."

Not only has Benson been awarded multiple Sales award, his agents under his Division has also achieved great successes! Participants from Benson’s training always came away more equipped to close deals using methods taught in class. One of the key takeaways from the training is to be able to understand the clients’ needs and translate that into sales!Real estate is a numbers game and a lot of times agents are riding their success on how well their leads or prospects are able to convert, which is why it is important to be knowledgeable when dealing with walk-ins or buyers. 

One of Benson’s best qualities are his down-to-earth, encouraging and likeable nature, and that makes it easy for anyone to approach him for advice! This important trait is easily the main reason why his agents always come back for more training sessions. If you’ve never attended his training before, why not give it a try and listen to what Benson has to say? I’ll assure you that you’ll have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Watch this video to find out what his participants have to say! You're sure to get a huge takeaway from Benson's trainings.

Closing Your 1st Big Commission

If you are a Property Agent and want to make more sales with real personal guidance, read on to learn how to change your life! Do you face these problems with sales? 

  • No Guidance

  • No Leads

  • Can’t Close deals

The truth is, it’s not a big problem if you learn the right way of dealing with these leads to get real conversions! Say YES to:

  1. Forward-thinking organization and planning

  2. Effective strategies that highlights your strengths

  3. Outstanding methods that will hone your leadership skills


My team members have achieved outstanding performance in just months under my guidance. Don’t you want to be like them too?

Mastering New Project Skillset in 2 Weeks

I always believe in going all out to share my experience, and that's why I crafted an Enhanced Specialized Training for agents just like you. On top of my sharing on my 12 years experience in Real Estate and 8 years of Project Marketing, here's what you will learn in my Enhanced Specialized Training:

1. Leads Generation

2. Conversion

3. PropNex VOM Apps

4. Managing Clients' Expectations

Most of my classes are attended by more than 150 attendees that range from beginners to professional Real Estate agents. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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